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Your Nightmare Made Reality

  • Periodically, this giveaway will be announced on twitter. Once the conditions laid out in the announcement are met, a winner will be selected. That winner will be offered the opportunity to provide me a design brief form which I will design a monster statblock for D&D 5e.
  • The selected follower will have 120 hours (5 days) from the time I first reach out to claim their prize, otherwise another follower will be selected.
  • If the winner opts out, another follower will be selected.
  • The follower may provide the monster's name, a description, any lore details they wish, make note of essential powers/features you might like the monster to have (provide concepts, not game mechanics), and give a desired CR (or CR range). The winner may give as much or as little of this information as they desire. With the provided brief I will do my best to make an interesting monster statblock that meets or comes close to the chosen criteria.
  • The winner should not provide actual game statistics (that's my part of this arrangement!).
  • The created monster's game statistics will be released on the Open Gaming License. As such, Spilled Ale Studios may use the monster in future publications (but so may the winner and, well, everybody else!).
  • By participating, the winner is granting Spilled Ale Studios the right to use any lore they provide in writing in full or in part, both on the Spilled Ale Studios blog and within any future publication that includes the monster. In this context, lore means the monster's description, origin, details of its powers, quirks, and any other setting detail. To be clear, the winner also retains their rights to this lore and can use it in their own publications, should they also choose to publish content containing the monster!
  • If the monster is used in a future publication, the winner will be given an appropriate credit within the product in question.
  • The winner may provide art for the monster, provided they own the rights to the art in question. By providing art for a monster designed as part of this giveaway, the winner is granting Spilled Ale Studios the rights to use that artwork on the Spilled Ale Studios blog and share it on twitter as part of the blog's advertising campaigns. Spilled Ale Studios will not use the artwork for any other purpose without first seeking the express permission of the artwork's rights holder.