D&D Fifth Edition Fallout

An Open Call For Fallout Art

I'd love to add more art to Fifth Edition Fallout and liven up its pages. Have you created any Fallout fan art? Please reach out if you'd be willing for your fan art to be featured and fully credited in the Fifth Edition Fallout sourcebook.

Version Notice!

Fifth Edition Fallout has been updated to version 1-0-5 —

If the version of Fifth Edition Fallout you're using is 1-0-4 or earlier, you should download version 1-0-4 below as it includes 82 new monster statblocks (not to mention others you might have missed if you're a few versions behind), art, corrections, and additional new content.

A Date with the Queen has been updated to version 1-0-4 —

The adventure has also received a minor update to the mole rat statblock to bring it in line with a correction issued in Fifth Edition Fallout version 1-0-5 which increases the mole rat's attack bonus to +5 and its damage to 5. It's not an essential download, and you can either use the statblock from the core rules or simply run it as is without real issue. However if you still have version 1-0-3 you should note that 1-0-4 also added tremorsense 60 ft. to the mole rat statblock.

— Character Sheet! —

I have created a character sheet for Fifth Edition Fallout which includes features that won't appear on typical D&D sheets, such as the Luck ability, Radiation Threshold, Power Armour, and others. Links to the two versions of this sheet can be found in the Fifth Edition Fallout Resources section of this page.

Fifth Edition Fallout is a system hack designed to allow post-apocalyptic themed gameplay using the D&D 5e tabletop roleplaying game. Specifically, it was created to emulate the setting of the popular Fallout videogame franchise.

Fifth Edition Fallout Sourcebook

Originally posted as a series of articles, the rules and content developed in this series have now been collated into a single rulebook for ease of reference. Additional rules and rules fixes will be incorporated into this pdf over time, so it will always remain the most current version of the Fifth Edition Fallout rules and may differ from the version of the game described in the original article series. The Fifth Edition Fallout sourcebook also contains an evolving bestiary of monster statblocks, updated occasionally with new creatures.

Download it here.

Fifth Edition Fallout Wiki

The rules and bestiary are also now available online!

Find it here.

Fifth Edition Fallout Adventures

A Date with the Queen

A Date with the Queen is a 1st-level starting adventure for use with these rules. In it, the inhabitants of Mart Town are being hassled by a group of raiders known as the Wasteland Queens due to the gang leader's romantic infatuation with one of their own.

Download it here.

Fifth Edition Fallout Resources

Character Sheet

Fifth Edition Fallout now has its very own character sheet!

Counter Packs

Fifth Edition Fallout Sourcebook contains rules for tracking the effects of radiation damage using resources called Geiger Counters as well as similar token-based methods of tracking fluctuating scores such as Luck, Dehydration, and Starvation.

You can use anything to represent these counters (poker chips, cards, etc.), but you may wish to download the Counter Pack for its tailor made Fallout themed counter designs. May I suggest gluing them to bottlecaps and artificially weathering them to create a set of truly immersive tabletop accessories?

The Counter Pack comes in two flavours, depending on your printing needs:

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Although an unrelated product, you may wish to consider using the post-apocalyptic themed player classes in my release Wasteland Wanderers, as they are a great fit for a game of Fifth Edition Fallout.

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