Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Announcing a new 5e Fallout Stream: Fallout 304!

Great news for Fifth Edition Fallout fans! @saevrick will begin running a campaign on the 9th September! You'll be able to watch it then and each subsequent Sunday at 8.30 pm (Eastern) over at

Saevrick and his players join the Dump Stat Charisma crew who are already streaming their own Fifth Edition Fallout game every other Tuesday at 5.30 pm (Pacific) at

Make sure to check out both games!

Thursday, 9 August 2018

5e Fallout: Weird Wanamingos and New Feats Part II

I've got another update for Fifth Edition Fallout fans today!

Wanamingos and other Weirdness

The wiki now has statblocks for the CR 5 wanamingo and CR 9 wanamingo queen. Check them out here.

I also added the CR 9 twin centaur, based on Fallout 3 cut content!

I'll likely add West Coast Centaurs and Floaters next.

New Feats

Following on from the recent update of new feats, nine more feats have been added to the wiki, each of which is inspired by a perk from the first Fallout game.

As of today, the Fifth Edition Fallout feat options include 33 feats, 9 of which are new today:
  • Action Boy/Girl.
  • Animal Friend.
  • Bloody Mess.
  • Chem Resistant.
  • Cult of Personality.
  • Devastating Allure.
  • Dodger.
  • Educated.
  • Heave Ho!
  • Ghoulish.
  • Gun Fu.
  • Inspirational Presence.
  • Lead Belly.
  • Lone Wanderer.
  • Master Trader.
  • Miss Fortune.
  • Miss/Mister Fixit.
  • Moving Target.
  • Mutate.
  • Mysterious Stranger.
  • Night Vision. NEW. Inspired by the Fallout perk.
  • Pack Alpha.
  • Pathfinder. NEW. Inspired by the Fallout perk.
  • Pickpocket. NEW. Inspired by the Fallout perk.
  • Pyromaniac.
  • Rad Resistant.
  • Scrounger.
  • Silent Running. NEW. Inspired by the Fallout perk.
  • Slayer. NEW. Inspired by the Fallout perk.
  • Snake Eater. NEW. Inspired by the Fallout perk.
  • Sniper. NEW. Inspired by the Fallout perk.
  • Strong Back. NEW. Inspired by the Fallout perk.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Announcing our #GenForAll sale, now through Sunday!

Whether you'll be at #GenCon2018 or #GenCant2018 this year why not celebrate the hobby you love this weekend? I'm celebrating by putting all of my products over at DriveThruRPG on sale! That means until 9am Monday morning (CST), you can get any or all of the following products for 30% off!

Also between now and Monday, you can download a free preview of Wasteland Woes, the next product in the Wasteland Worlds series. Wasteland Woes will be a compendium of environmental hazards, traps, and statblocks designed for post-apocalyptic play. The preview Wasteland Woes: Merchants of the Wastes includes statblocks for traders, guards, couriers, and other wasteland service providers that are bound to be useful if you're running Fifth Edition Fallout or any other post-apocalyptic setting!