I'm happy to review rpg products created by other publishers on request. This is limited to:

  • Sourcebooks and accessories for existing game lines. While I have experience with many systems, I want to be able to give the best review I can, which means I will only consider requests for systems which I have recent play experience (I wouldn't want to be rusty!) and for which I have a good understanding of what goes on "under the hood". For now, this means:
    • D&D Fifth Edition or OGL products largely based on that ruleset.
    • Cortex Plus.
    • Fate Core.
  • Homebrew/Third Party roleplaying games. Yes, they don't count as a system "for which I have recent play experience", but (a) I enjoy reading new RPGs and (b) I don't need existing systems mastery to understand them, as I would for a Pathfinder product (for instance).

Once I've agreed to review a given product, the time it will take me to read and review will depend on the amount of material to digest as well as my schedule.

I am an honest reviewer, and if I like or dislike a feature of your product I will say so. I will aim to write a balanced review which focuses on positives, not just negatives.

If you're interested, reach out to me @spilledale.